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“Music can be considered one of the strongest ways to communicate with one another on an intimate and personal level. Music created from deep within can transmit pure feeling and universal emotion. Therefore, music is a reminder that we are part of nature; it may cause the listener to wake up and see the beauty of the dream called Life.”
– Kati Rán

Kati Rán

Kati Rán is a Dutch vocalist, musician, songwriter, and producer and is described as a genre pioneer within the Dark Nordic Folk genre. In her audio work, she utilizes historical and folk instruments, such as the Swedish nyckelharpa, moraharpa, hammered dulcimer, Norwegian Kraviklyra, bone flutes and overtone whistles, hurre, shells, primal percussive textures and skin-drums and vocalizes mystical ‘characters’ and powerful emotions.

Her lyrics are infused with mythology and mystic lore, rooted in her travels and research to explore and deepen our knowledge about history, folklore, and traditional cultures. “From the start, I have intended to make music that carries the power to reconnect people back to nature, to their history and each other, while sounding fresh and pure as Nature itself.” – Kati Rán

Kati Rán released the successful album ‘LYS’ (2015, produced by Christopher Juul and Kati Rán) and three singles (‘Blodbylgje’ 2019, ‘Unnr| Mindbeach’ 2021, and ‘Hefring’ 2022) that run in the millions of streams online and gathered a large following of her work.

With the long-awaited full-length album ‘SÁLA’ (2024) Kati Rán establishes her artistry in full and offers us a 13-track album filled to the brim with songs containing her poetry and personal reflections, Nordic mythology and the wisdom that still course through them and songs that are crowned by collaborations with several renowned guest artists. SÁLA presents a deeply rooted connection to the historic landscape of the North, through the lens of a feminine point of view.

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